Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's 7:30 and I just got home. We didn't finish jury selection, which means it continues tomorrow.

This means the trial itself won't start until Friday.

However, I had a serious setback today with one of my expert witnesses. Without going into details (sorry Nelson), he is changing his assessment of me from being safe to dangerous because he said I didn't disclose all of the charges against me to him. My lawyers sent me to him, so I assumed he knew what he was supposed to be assessing, for fuck's sake. So my lawyers are now very very worried. A big piece of their strategy may just have been shot dead.

Not good for me. I feel sick to my stomach, I haven't eaten in 3 days, and I'm seriously considering throwing the towel in again. I am going to wait and see what the lawyers can work out with the "expert" before I decide. If it looks like he is useless, I am going to have to weigh the benefits of a plea deal. 20 years is better than 99, after all.

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