Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday's News

First off, my apologies for being so down and negative in my last post, but I had just come home from a2 hour hearing and then a 3 hour meeting with my legal "dream team" /sarcasm and I was not in a good mood.

As far as things stand currently, Monday, I may or may not have to be in court, depending on whether or not the judge is in a snit that morning. Tuesday is jury selection. I was warned that it would take all day and that I would feel like I had been beaten with a bat. Loverly. And then Wednesday begins the circus. I do have to meet with the "dream team" tomorrow afternoon. Not looking forward to that, because the last 2 meetings have had me ready to tell them both off for being asses, which I am sure everyone would agree would be a bad thing.

A good thing that happened. Due to an odd series of events that had nothing to do with the competence of my lawyers, I managed to get some of my pretrial limits lifted. So, yesterday, I was able to take care of a computer issue my mom was having and then go to Starbucks. Today, I had dinner at a very nice steak restaurant and then buy a book in a bookstore, things I have been barred from doing for the 3 years I've been waiting for trial. I turns out my lawyers could have requested these changes 3 FUCKING YEARS AGO, but didn't. It took me stumbling across an issue Thursday that got these restrictions changed. Yeah, thanks lawyers who cost me $50,000 dollars for nothing.

I really should leave their names and business addresses in a queued post to pop up in case I lose, so the world can lnow what they've done. As I've said, they are considered the best in the state. One was even named Best Criminal Defense Attorney for the city a few years back. Ha, I'd like to see some of that skill eventually.

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