Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lunch with the Doc

It's been rainy and dreary here the last few days and my mom decided that she wanted some menudo for lunch. Now, as you may know, menudo is generally eaten when it is cold and not when the temperature is 90 degrees, but I made it for her nonetheless.

Menudo is made with beef tripe in a heavily seasoned broth and is boiled for hours to get soft.
It is finished my hominy and boiled pigs feet.
( I know it sounds gross, but it is a staple in Mexican cuisine.)

Wizard's Staff

I had a old high school buddy contact me a few days ago. I was very surprised to get an email from him since I haven't seen him in years. At first, I was hesitant to read the email since most of my interactions the last couple of years with old friends have not been pleasant. But I eventually opened it.

I won't repeat his exact words, but he pretty much said that he wasn't concerned with the drama swirling around me, that he's known me since junior high school and knows who I am, and that he was behind me. That was good to hear.

Anyway, after talking about mutual friends, he related that our buddy Mark has become a Wiccan and had been carving wands as a hobby. That reminded me that I have a hand carved wizard staff that I purchased from a company that specializes in weapons recreations. Though they primarily sell period armor, swords, maces, daggers, etc., for a few months they offered these carved staves. Being a fantasy loving geek, I purchased one before they stopped carrying them.  I've had the staff now for about 16 years and had forgotten about it. I sent my friend some photos of it and decided to share them here as well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Very Odd

Something rather odd occurred today and I can't quite seem to figure out what could be happening.

I was sweeping the den and kitchen this afternoon to make the house presentable. My sister and nephew were coming by for lunch and I didn't want to be embarrassed by having dust bunnies join us at the table. Besides, those little buggers eat more than you realize!

Anyway, as I was sweeping dust into the dustpan, I heard the doorbell ring. I knew it could not be my family since they were not due yet for another half hour or so. I looked out the den glass door, but I did not recognize the car that was parked by the curb or the young man that was sitting in the driver's seat.

The doorbell rang again.

I walked into the kitchen and looked out the window. Lo and behold, standing on the porch was one of my ex school district schoolboard members. I have to say I was very surprised to see her standing there. While I was still employed, I was a supporter of hers. Once my downfall began, she was the first to call for my head on a platter, which infuriated me, to be honest. And now, here she stood at my door, ringing the bell.

I chose not to answer the door and she eventually left. I am curious, though, as to what she wanted. Truth be told, I know enough about her political dealings, and other board members' dealings as well, that if I told what I know, several of them would be in hot water. Yet, I don't think that is why she was here.

Since I have no intention of ever speaking to any of those people again, I suspect I will never know what she wanted. It just seemed very strange that she would come over here now.

By the way, from now on, if I post from my phone, I will not be adding in a photo. It seems when I do so from this app, the picture gets posted in some weird folder that doesn't let you enlarge it.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Trying To Settle Down


After several extremely tense days, being given a "reprieve", if you will, has left me shaky and physically tired. Perhaps it's a natural reaction to high levels of adrenaline pumping through me for so long. Of course, that would be a first for me, since it's rare for anything to be pumping through my sedentary veins or arteries. Well, not counting the alcohol, of course. Lol.

To help me return to a sense of peace/normalcy (for a couple of months at least), I will try to return to my usual posts.

And so I present, Wallpaper Wednesday! And not on Wednesday, as per usual.

And, by the way, I appreciate all of you guys for your kind words and emails. They mean a lot.
Since I am NOT a resident of Arizona, let me say, "Muchas gracias."  ;-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Grief...

Needless to say, I have been a complete and total wreck all week. Meetings with lawyers, their inevitable request for more money (bloodsuckers), and surprising phone calls from friends past and present. If I had made a list of which friends/family members would/would not stand behind me, I would have been correct about 30% of the time.

I had meant to put up a very detailed post with asides and witty remarks, but I find I am simply too mentally and emotionally tired to do so. So, I will simply say, I do not have court on Monday after all.

The judge contacted my "Dream Team" and informed them that she was unable to handle the case right now, so she is resetting it. Though there is no concrete date yet, she was making noises that she would be moving it to November.

 Now, I would be lying if I said that I am unhappy about being put off again. And besides, maybe something good will transpire between now and then.

I shall keep you guys informed.

In the meantime, I am playing with some story ideas to place here on the blog.  Sine Logicum has been a dark and unpleasant place of late, and I think that needs to change.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Thanks to those of you who have emailed me asking what is happening with me.

I know that I have mentioned my well known and expensive legal team. I have come to the conclusion that these two guys are fucking clowns with big reputations. They have repeatedly related to me conversations they have had with the DA. But in all of these tales, they seem to be groveling and rolling over.

I am not sure if any of you guys are familiar with how the legal give actually works, but it is not what you think. It apparently is like a poker game. There is no concern given to right or wrong, true or false, guilty or not guilty. It's all a game. Who blinks first, who holds a greater hand.

Well, my clowns feel that the DA will present a case that will paint me as a monster, the jury's worst nightmare of a creep working around their kids. And so, they are pressuring me to take a plea deal. At first, the deal was a 15 year cap on the charges. Now, they are offering a 40 year cap.

As I have also mentioned, the judge in my case is a very political creature. She has confided to my lawyers off the record that she is planning on looking good in the media on my case. So, what ever the cap is, I will get that plus more and with probably no chance of parole.

In short, guys, I suspect I am going to be completely fucked in court next week.

I am still praying for justice, but I don't think I will be getting it.

I meet with my idiot lawyers tomorrow. Hopefully they will have some positive news, but I don't expect any. They are clearly not interested in me and are ready to just cash out the 50 grand I placed in their accounts.

Well, I will try to keep you guys in the loop. Thanks for your kind thoughts and positive energy.

Dr M